Modern sightseeing with a guide doesn’t need to stress on tonnes of names, dates and details that eventually you’ll never remember and just make you feel worn-off. It’s more about selecting the useful information, experiencing and understanding the city and getting to know the key facts that lead to conclusions. Remembering surprising curiosities and unusual stories.

What makes our tours special are our guides’ personalities, that ensure a true contact with our individual travellers as well as groups in a friendly, cultural and knowledgeable way. Our tours are not what you would call “regular” ones – we combine history, local cuisine, personalized approach and unique transportation with our communist fire minibuses which is far more effective than strolling the city on your own.

We understand – based on our own personal experiences – the need to have a good time during a holiday or the need of a proffesionally carried out event for a company. This way we can ensure you to get you what you came for – an adventure one of a kind.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

“Our trip was the best part of our break in Warsaw. Excellent value and incredibly interesting. Definitely recommend.”


“We were so lucky to find these tours and liked the first one so much we managed to squeeze in another one before we flew home. I feel I learned so much more about this wonderful country and its difficult history than I would have any other way. We had Marcin himself as our guide for both and he makes the tour so informative and enjoyable, and absorbing. We were able to ask him all kinds of questions as we drove around the city in the little red fire truck and over our vodka shots in Praga. I don’t usually ever do city tours but this was very different and personalized, especially the food tour which included a market. Marcin himself is a lively, bright, interesting person and you can see that his work means a lot to him. Without him, we would only have experienced the surface of Poland and Warsaw.”

Alison O

“You know that teacher who makes learning fun…..!
Well, that was Marcin at Warsaw Behind the Scenes. We learned so much about the history of Warsaw and Poland, and we had so much fun! It was cold and rainy, but the 4 hour private walking / driving tour was so much fun from start to finish. It was a highlight of our trip!! Thank you Marcin!”

Motheroftwo79, TripAdvisor