• 4 hours, start at 10.00 am

  • 169 PLN / € 43 per person

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
    (centrally located hotels)

  • English speaking guide
    (other languages on request)

  • Communist minibus Zuk

  • Local refreshments

  • Runs on: all week (min 2 persons)

  • Shared tour (not private)

  • 60% – walk, 40% – drive


Experience a fascinating history of Warsaw, Polish culture and nowadays life on this 4 hours off the beaten tourist path tour. With the help of our communist retro minibus, our guide will take you through less known and, in the opinion of our clients, much more interesting and eye-opening sites than typical tours cover. This small-group tour features places related to World War II, Jewish Ghetto, communism era, Praga district, and other interesting stories and anecdotes. Local Polish snacks (it’s a daily choice) are included in the tour price. Get to know the “real” Warsaw!

  • Skip the regular tourist path
  • Get to know the authentic city, its history and culture
  • Be introduced to Warsaw by our well educated and friendly guide
  • Discover hidden parts of Warsaw
  • Investigate recent historical events as well as the most important ones from the past
  • Join other travellers and make new friends on board of Zuk retro minibus


Warsaw Behind the Scenes city tour


Since the tour is called “Behind the Scenes” we will let you experience less touristy parts of our city. Tour will start with remains of the pre-WWII city centre of Warsaw. Lovely facades but.. small and dark courtyards. Compared to communist made blocks of flats, which do you think is better? Feel free to discuss it with your guide. Next, the group will explore less known parts of former Jewish Ghetto, created by Nazi in the year 1940. This is an important part of our history since 30% of Warsaw citizens in the year 1939 were Jewish and their influence can still be found in Polish culture. Two city uprisings during WWII ended up in the almost complete destruction of our city (85% of it was gone) and a communist regime, which settled up in the year 1945, had a serious task to cope with – reconstruction of Poland’s capital city. What’s more, since it seemed to be the only chance ever, architects decided to remodel the city and make it a much more comfortable place to live and work. On the other hand, the communist party wanted to convert Warsaw into a model Soviet-style city, with monumental buildings filled with the happy proletariat. Did they succeded? Let’s check it on our tour. The next part is the enigmatic Praga district, located at the Eastern side of the Vistula river. Once forgotten, nowadays it becomes a hip and artistic piece of Warsaw still not affected by commercial tourism. On the way back to the city centre you will see some interesting buildings like the National Stadium, National Museum and hear stories about them – did you know that you can find a palm tree in Warsaw? After 4-4,5 hours our guide will drop you off back in your hotel or in the city centre if you wish to.

The minibus is a “history on wheels” and we are pretty sure that you will love it! This is a small group tour, which means that we join no more than 8 travellers in one car. Nevertheless, if you would like to book the tour for the bigger group – that is no problem, with our 6 minibuses we can host up to 45 persons at one time and in this case, we will ride a group of minibuses together. Our guide will talk with you in the car and on short walks – this is not just a driving tour since you will explore also places not accessible by car, but the total amount of walk is low. Please feel free to have discussions with our guide, we love to keep our tours interactive and we want to treat you not just as a tourist, but as our foreign friends who visit our hometown.

Group size

  • If a single reservation is made for 1 to 7 persons they are joined with other travellers, to total 8, which is a capacity of one retro minibus.
  • If a single reservation is made for at least 8 persons tour becomes exclusive for that group and no other travellers are added.

Tip: if your party is smaller than 8 and you would like to receive an exclusive service please book 8 tickets for a shared tour or choose one of our PRIVATE TOURS

Tour type

Shared tours are priced per person and guests participate in their tour together with other travellers.

The minimum number of persons needed to launch the shared tour is 2. A single traveller can join the tour if another booking for at least 2 persons exists.


Pickup service from hotels, Airbnb and apartments is available up to 1-kilometer radius from the city centre. If your hotel/apartment is located farther or it’s not reachable by car our advisor will suggest the closest and most comfortable meeting point.

Important information

  • Cars are used mainly for transfers between locations where guests have walks with their guide.
  • Tours with retro minibuses are available only for persons taller than 150 cm (4,9 ft).
  • Retro minibuses are not equipped with air conditioning, they are equipped with an efficient heating system for wintertime.
  • Some of the retro minibuses are not equipped with seatbelts (which is legal with classic vintage cars).
  • Cancellation fee of 100% is charged if cancelled 24 hours or less before the event.
  • Please contact us before booking the tour if you have food intolerances, allergies or other health issues such as mobility limitations.
Warsaw city tour