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  • 4 hours, start at 10.00 am

  • 169 PLN / € 43 per person

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
    (centrally located hotels)

  • English speaking guide
    (other languages on request)

  • Communist minibus Zuk

  • Local refreshments

  • Runs all year, all week

  • Shared tour (not private)

  • 70% – walk, 30% – drive


With the help of our communist retro minibus, our guide will take you through less known and, in the opinion of our clients, much more interesting and eye-opening sites than typical tours cover. Full history coverage, impeccable approach to data and facts, undiscovered places and people of Warsaw, genuine sites of the city, personalized guide and retro minibus Zuk – all that underlines everything that is so special about this tour. Cover vast parts of history as well as vast parts of town thanks to nice tempo and vintage time machine which makes the experience very authentic. Buildings that survived two world wars, communist era and thirty years of newborn Polish capitalism have shaped modern Warsaw that grew around them. Get Yourself involved into a thorough exploration of history, culture and art of this city while still being entertained by stories about places like Palace of Culture and Science, ghetto relics or Praga district. All that above and many, many, many more for the price of a bargain.

  • Skip the regular tourist path
  • Get to know the authentic city, its history and culture
  • Be introduced to Warsaw by our well educated and friendly guide
  • Discover hidden parts of Warsaw
  • Investigate recent historical events as well as the most important ones from the past
  • Join other travellers and make new friends on board of Zuk retro minibus




Bestseller and the most popular type of our excursions. A true speciality, just take a look at the name that says there won’t be many obvious places to visit during these 4 hours. Tour focuses mainly on undiscovered, hidden and genuine neighbourhoods of the city. Get a good overview of Warsaw thanks to the visit in the southern part of downtown that survived World War 2, relics of the Jewish ghetto and wild Praga district. A lot is up to You because whenever you’re still eager to know more you can just ask the guide about anything you want to know and see how many aces are there up guides sleeves. Everything is prepared so You can feel like on a date with fabulous city of Warsaw, which means there will be no taboo, secret or awkward silence but a lot of intimacy with its history, heritage and future instead. The city that is being estimated to have 5 million inhabitants by 2025 has always been very creative, prosperous and thriving even though due to unfortunate events Warsaw had to reborn for a couple of times through its history. All these mere words will come to life on this very tour, the most genuine adventure in Warsaw one can get. Retro minibus Zuk will get You through the whole city which just adds a spark of excitement to this tour. Also, the guide will help You experience the history of Warsaw in quite a mystical way by showing You places that are way off the beaten path for even most of the locals.

Group size

  • If a single reservation is made for 1 to 7 persons they are joined with other travellers, to total 8, which is a capacity of one retro minibus.
  • If a single reservation is made for at least 8 persons tour becomes exclusive for that group and no other travellers are added.

Tip: if your party is smaller than 8 and you would like to receive an exclusive service please book 8 tickets for a shared tour or choose one of our PRIVATE TOURS

Tour type

Shared tours are priced per person and guests participate in their tour together with other travellers.

The minimum number of persons needed to launch the shared tour is 2. A single traveller can join the tour if another booking for at least 2 persons exists.


Pickup for shared tours is available up to 1 kilometre from the city centre (the central point is “Rondo Dmowskiego” roundabout). If your hotel/apartment is located farther our advisor will suggest the closest and most comfortable meeting point.

Important information

  • Cars are used mainly for transfers between locations where guests have walks with their guide.
  • If two minibuses are used on the tour guide will ride in only one during transfers.
  • Tours with retro minibuses are available only for persons taller than 150 cm (4,9 ft).
  • Retro minibuses are not equipped with air conditioning, they are equipped with an efficient heating system for wintertime.
  • Some of the retro minibuses are not equipped with seatbelts (which is legal with classic vintage cars).
  • Cancellation fee of 100% is charged if cancelled 2 day(s) or less before the event.
  • Please contact us before booking the tour if you have food intolerances, allergies or other health issues such as mobility limitations.