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  • 2,5 or 4 hours

  • Languages available: English – daily. German, French, Italian and other – on request.

  • Communist minibus Żuk

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Tour description

Private tour is an exclusive service – you will be the only guest on board, our guide and car will be at your disposal. The main advantage of this option is that the tour program will be suited exclusively up to your needs. What’s more, your tour can start at any hour (start time is not fixed as in daily tours).


The price of the private tour is the price per car, each of which can take up to 8 guests on board. It does not matter how many persons between one and eight are in your group – the price remains the same.

  • 2,5 hours: 500 PLN per group
  • 4 hours: 690 PLN per group

For excample, if your group amounts 10 persons you will have to book two cars.


  • Convenience of being the only person/group on the tour.
  • Co-create and fulfill your tour plan with our guide.
  • Visit Warsaw’s touristic attractions of your liking.
  • Be surprised by an in-depth commentary on the subjects of your interest.
  • Take the best photos on numerous stops.

Possible Itineraries

Since Warsaw is a diverse city, the choice is impressive. Warsaw is home to beautiful XVIIIth and XIXth Century palaces, a witness to the atrocities of World War II along with the history of Jewish Ghetto, many examples of extraordinary communist architecture, and a true modern city that is blooming with creativity.

Program: Tour focuses on amazing story of Warsaw, the city built on Central Europe trade crossroads. City which was home for many immigrants from both Eastern and Western Europe. This is also a story about Polish culture, architecture and relations with
our neighbours.

On this tour you will experience:

  • Piłsudskiego square
  • Krakowskie przedmieście street
  • Plac Zamkowy
  • Świętojańska street
  • St. John’s cathedral
  • St Ann’s church
  • Old Town Square
  • City Walls
  • Łazienki Royal Gardens (“Łazienki Królewskie” in Polish)

This tour lets you experience the complete spectrum of Warsaw: you will visit will visit classic places like the Old Town as well as spots off the beaten tourist path. Tour focuses on amazing story of Warsaw the city built on Central Europe trade crossroads. City which was home for many immigrants from both Eastern and Western Europe. This is also a story about Polish culture, architecture and relations with our neighbours. To complete this experience you will get to know complicated story of the 20th Century Warsaw, World War II and communism era

Program: Learn the unbelievable stories of the life in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, see the monuments that commemorate people who had the courage to fight against Nazi occupation and discover the truth behind the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Our guide will take you to the main scenes like Warsaw Ghetto Heroes memorial aswell as the places which regular tours never visit.

Recommended duration: 2,5 hours

Program: Experience the story of communist regime which ruled in Poland between 1945 and 1989. Get to know unbelievable social engineering, amazing architecture and political madness controlled from the back seat in Moscow. Learn how Poles built Solidarity movement and managed to become free and independent in 1989. Jump into our real communist minibus!

On this tour you will experience:

  • Stalin’s gift – monumental Palace of Culture and Science;
  • Plac Konstytucji, which is the example of utopian idea of turning the city center into the labour class zone;
  • Communist Party Headquarters
  • Censorship Headquarters with the Free Speech Memorial
  • And more..

Warsaw was a whitness (and, sadly,  a victim too) of many conflicts between East and the West. Unluckly we’re right in the middle of it. Around 85% of Warsaw was destroyed during WWII, but things which happened over here had more global background, this was a game between Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Great Britain and United States of America…

This tour covers:

  • remains of WWII which can be found on the streets of Warsaw
  • Year 1939 – begining of the war
  • Jewish Ghetto and 1943 Jewish Uprising
  • 1944 Warsaw Uprising
  • Year 1945 – End of Hitler, begining of Stalin’s era…


  • Warsaw Behind the Scenes guide
  • Cult Żuk fire service bus from communist era
  • Hotel pick up and drop off

Big group?

It’s a good idea to use communist vintage bus, rented from the Museum. One bus takes approx. 40 persons, we can rent even 7 buses, if needed. >> READ MORE AND BOOK

VIP service  option

For request, we can drive simply any kind of car. Communist made Trabbi, Fiat 125p, Volga, Warszawa, modern limousine or bus. Do you know, that we can even organise a VIP Hummer? If you wish to book such a private tour please contact us and we will put up a best offer for you.

Read before you book

About our cars

Nobody even dreamed about AC in communist days and our cars are not equipped with it. If the day is very hot we provide bottled water in the car, for free of charge.

Our communist minibuses are equipped with efficient heating in the cabin.

Some of our cars are equipped with seatbelts, some are not. It is legal for adults to not fasten seatbelts in the classic vintage cars in Poland.

PLEASE NOTICE: If you book the tour for person who is shorter than 150 centimeters you will have to inform us about this fact. In this case car has to be equipped with seatbelts.

Pick up details

On the private tour we pick up our guests from their hotel or apartment. We can also meet at the meeting point in the city – it just depends on our guests needs.

On the private tour pick up time is set up to your needs.

If you have any kind of trouble with meeting our guide please call our office:

  • +48 22 247 83 31 (Monday-Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm)
  • +48 605 278 289 (our emergency number after office hours)


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