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To make your group’s entertainment a memorable experience, our tour plans combine genuine Warsaw’s history with proper sightseeing, served with fun facts, trivia and anecdotes. We are professional and friendly – we strive on having good contact with our guests, answering all questions and making you have a laugh or two, too!

Since every group is different, we customize the program to guests age, nationality and profession. This way we make your activity a one of a kind, customized experience to remember.

What is the key to a great tour and successful event?

  • Dynamic, educated, and open-minded guide
  • Providing a relaxed atmosphere
  • Tour program, which is interesting and tailored to the group
  • Combining a drive around, walks and interesting additives
  • Extraordinary transportation of classic vans and buses
  • Extensions, which make the tour special

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What makes our tours special are our guides’ personalities, that ensure a true contact with our individual travellers as well as groups in a friendly, cultural and knowledgeable way.

You can find more info about our guides >>HERE


Since Warsaw is a diverse city, the choice is impressive. Warsaw is home to beautiful XVIIIth and XIXth Century palaces, a witness to the atrocities of World War II along with the history of the Jewish ghetto, an example of crazy communist architecture, and a true modern city that is blooming with creativity.

Program: Tour focuses on amazing story of Warsaw, the city built on Central Europe trade crossroads. City which was home for many immigrants from both Eastern and Western Europe. This is also a story about Polish culture, architecture and relations with
our neighbours.

On this tour you will experience:

  • Piłsudskiego square
  • Krakowskie przedmieście street
  • Plac Zamkowy
  • Świętojańska street
  • St. John’s cathedral
  • St Ann’s church
  • Old Town Square
  • City Walls
  • Łazienki Royal Gardens (“Łazienki Królewskie” in Polish)

This tour lets you experience the complete spectrum of Warsaw: you will visit will visit classic places like the Old Town as well as spots off the beaten tourist path. Tour focuses on amazing story of Warsaw the city built on Central Europe trade crossroads. City which was home for many immigrants from both Eastern and Western Europe. This is also a story about Polish culture, architecture and relations with our neighbours. To complete this experience you will get to know complicated story of the 20th Century Warsaw, World War II and communism era

Program: Learn the unbelievable stories of the life in the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, see the monuments that commemorate people who had the courage to fight against Nazi occupation and discover the truth behind the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Our guide will take you to the main scenes like Warsaw Ghetto Heroes memorial aswell as the places which regular tours never visit.

Recommended duration: 2,5 hours

Program: Experience the story of communist regime which ruled in Poland between 1945 and 1989. Get to know unbelievable social engineering, amazing architecture and political madness controlled from the back seat in Moscow. Learn how Poles built Solidarity movement and managed to become free and independent in 1989. Jump into our real communist minibus!

On this tour you will experience:

  • Stalin’s gift – monumental Palace of Culture and Science;
  • Plac Konstytucji, which is the example of utopian idea of turning the city center into the labour class zone;
  • Communist Party Headquarters
  • Censorship Headquarters with the Free Speech Memorial
  • And more..

Warsaw was a whitness (and, sadly,  a victim too) of many conflicts between East and the West. Unluckly we’re right in the middle of it. Around 85% of Warsaw was destroyed during WWII, but things which happened over here had more global background, this was a game between Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Great Britain and United States of America…

This tour covers:

  • remains of WWII which can be found on the streets of Warsaw
  • Year 1939 – begining of the war
  • Jewish Ghetto and 1943 Jewish Uprising
  • 1944 Warsaw Uprising
  • Year 1945 – End of Hitler, begining of Stalin’s era…


Interesting and extraodinary transportation is an added value to the tour. If you see our cars parked at the front of the hotel and waiting for your group… it’s a “WOW” picture, trust us!

Generally speaking, we can use communist minibuses which can take 8 passengers each, or communist buses which can take up to 40 passengers each. Take a look:

What are other options or extensions?

warsaw city games

Our city games are unique combination of fun, live escape game, history of Warsaw and team building.

  • Interact with the city
  • Experience “oldschool days” with a help of our actors and vintage cars
  • Solve riddles
  • Lead your team to winning
  • Get to know some history of Warsaw and Poland
  • We are proffesionals
  • Our games are based on unorthodox concepts
  • Our games are interactive, riddles need to be solved to finish the game
  • Each production is tailored to each Client


  • Simple tasks:
    • Make photograph of the place
    • Find the actor and solve easy riddle given by him
    • Collect artefacts


  • Riddles need to be solved
  • All of the game stages are pointed on the map, but there is no need of visiting all of them


  • Map does not show all of the game stages from the beginnig
  • All of the game stages need to be visited
  • To get to the next stage riddle has to be solved (solution gives the next location coordinates/numer on the map)
  • To solve the riddles you will need:
    • mathematical abilities
    • observation skills
    • interaction with actors or real elements (like luggage store office at the train station)
    • cooperation of team members
    • usage of modern devices like Google Maps


This is a live escape game, like Escape Rooms concept, but the difference is that the room of the game is the real city. Based on group’s profile screenplay of the game may be based on:

  • 1. Group lost it’s passports and it’s trapped in the communist country from behind Iron Curtain. They need to learn how to present themselves as “good and eager” communists to get trust of local communist bonzo and get their passport back.
  • 2. Group are local Poles who dream about getting the job abroad. They need a passport and Permition to Leave.
  • 3. One of group mebbers is kidnapped by communist police. To save him the rest of the group have to find the bonzo and convince him to save their friend.
  • Etc…

Each screenplay it tailored to our Client’s needs and profile.

This game takes place at Warsaw Old Town. It is more classic concept than “Escape Communist Poland”. Groups will have to visit multiple game stages where they will experience and learn about:

  • Beginnings of Warsaw
  • Medieaval times
  • WWII
  • Amazing reconstrucion of Warsaw Old Town after the war
  • Days of communism
warsaw police kidnap


Well, you had to hear those legends about bad cops driving funny communist made cars. At least you saw them in James Bond series.

This replica can be a great element of the tour, city game or event. If you want to scarry the group a bit Police will check their documents and arrest one of group members. Then group will have to find him!

warsaw restaurants


We know this problem – when we travel to new place it’s hard to choose the right restaurant, even with the help of Trip Advisor. Specially if you are responsible to make a reservation for your commercial group. Will quality be fine? How about the service? Those problems stay in your mind and consume your time.

Since we live and work in Warsaw we are happy to help you.

Please let us know:

  • what standard do you need? (mid, high or super-high?)
  • what price level are you ready for?
  • what is the profile of your group?

We will suggest you our selection restaurants (we tested them personally), handle the reservation and check is everything fine right before your group will start the meal.

warsaw tours


Those professionals can make your event an extraordinary one. They can be a part of the tour, as a surprise for the group or part of the city game.


For groups which are bigger than 15 persons we recommend to use wireless headphones for guests. This device makes the tour a Quality one.

  • price: 8 PLN/person
  • minimal order: 160 PLN


Transfer with classic cars is a good idea if you don’t have time for the tour but still want to impress your group. For example we can pick you up at the end of your conference / business meeting and transport your group to the restaurant. With 5 communist minibuses we can take up to 38 persons.

Price per car:

  • 80 PLN/h, min 3 hours

We can rent more minibuses, in this case price is set up individually.