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Standard – 600 PLN / € 150 per person

  • 11 hours

  • English speaking tour guide

  • Regular car or minibus

  • Entrance fees included

    • Wolf’s Lair bunkers

Extended – 900 PLN / € 225 per person

  • 16 hours

  • English speaking tour guide

  • Regular car or minibus

  • Entrance fees included

  • 2 meals included

    • Wolf’s Lair bunkers
    • Mamerki bunkers
    • Lesniewo sluice
    • Ride in German transporter

Tour description

Wolf’s Lair was the most important of Hitler’s headquaters hidden in Masuria, a region of Northern Poland famous for its 2.000 lakes. Together with lakes and swamps it was the perfect place to set up an inaccessible complex of bunkers. The complex, which would become one of several Führer Headquarters located in various parts of occupied Europe, was built for the start of Operation Barbarossa – the invasion of the Soviet Union – in 1941. The top secret, high security site was in the Masurian woods about 8 km from the small East Prussian town of Rastenburg (now Kętrzyn in Poland). Three security zones surrounded the central complex where the Führer’s bunker was located. Despite the security, an assassination attempt against Hitler was made at Wolf’s Lair on 20 July 1944. Unfortunately the bomb planted by Claus von Staufenberg in the map room did not kill Hitler (he survived around 35 assassination attempts during his life!). On 25th of January 1945, due to the rapid advance of the Red Army, the complex was blown up and abandoned.

The tour is focused not only on bunkers. We would love to let you experience Masurian nature, local food and architecture.


  • Amazing complex of the main of Hitler’s WWII headquarters
  • Educated and professional guide who leads the tour
  • Lovely countryside of Poland
  • Local cuisine

Details of tour options

Standard tour

Our guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive with you to the Wolf’s Lair, where local guide will take on the sightseeing. After 3 hours (including lunch break in the local canteen) you’ll drive back to Warsaw. Please bear in mind that we will not just send the driver with you – you’ll spend all day with your private, experienced, guide. That’s why we are different!

Extended tour

The Mazury area is full of interesting spots – it would be a pity to miss them! The extended tour lets you experience Wolf’s Lair Zone II with a replica German armoured transporter, you will also see the bunkers of the Mamerki Wehrmacht headquarters – what’s amazing is that they were not blown up like Hitler’s ones! As something extra, we will show you the mysterious and abandoned construction of a sluice which was about to become part of the Nazi-built Mazury canal. Since it’ll be a long day lunch and dinner are included in the tour price.




Yes, there have to be at least 2 persons to launch the tour

Our guide will pick you up  from your hotel

For groups up to three persons we use regular modern car, for bigger groups we use modern minibus

In the extended tour two meals are included in the tour price – lunch and dinner. In the standard tour guide can take you to the local restaurant on the way, but you will have to pay on your own.

  • have your breakfast before departure
  • please take your passport with you
  • please wear appropriate clothes