Courtyard band

Imagine life without a computer, telly or even a radio! In those days the only music you could hear was a live one performed by bands walking from one courtyard to another. These unique performances finally disappeared in the late 60's from their last stronghold, which was the Praga district. Now Warsaw Behind the Scenes has brought them back to life!

These crafty fellows will surprise you at one of the street corners of Praga and they’ll perform a live concert like 80 years ago! They like vodka and they like to gamble - you'll be invited to play a sneaky "3 CARDS" game - but keep your eyes open! It's easy to win but even easier to lose.

How to get them on your trip?

  • Live performance and card game: 700 PLN
  • Card game only: 250 PLN

Let’s gamble with the post-war reality of the People's Republic of Poland.

Extra cover story from our Guides:

How the wise-guys operated, how they played their act with illegal currency changing, what were their ways of keeping one step ahead of the secret militia?

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